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Attractions in Kudowa

Kudowa Zdrój is one of the most beautiful and the oldest Polish health resort in Ziemia Kłodzka as well as in Europe.

In the area of this beautiful health resort there is National Park of Stołowe Mountains that is visited by tourists from all over the world.

Stołowe Mountains or also called Błędne Rocks is a unique place. The most popular amongst tourists are those parts of Stołowe Mountains that are located near Kudowa and Karłowo region, there is rocky labyrinth carved by water and wind unusual in Poland (and not only) that is kept exploring by tourists and businessmen.

Mysteriously sounding names: Skalne Czasze (Rocky Canopies) or Dwunożny Grzyb (Two-leg Mushroom) ensure unforgettable experiences, fewer people visit regions that are located on the Czech side (Broumovskie Walls and Teplicko-Adršpachskie Rocks).
Verde Motana Spa & Wellness Hotel located in the very centre of Kudowa Zdrój close to National Park of Stołowe Mountains  ensures you the professional service in searching for new, interesting tourist attractions and guarantees successful conference meetings at our hotel.

The town is a splendid leisure place in the family and friends’ circle and it is also the perfect base for all kinds of conferences or business meetings.

Spending time in KUDOWA ZDRÓJ it is worth doing some trips in order to see:

  • Skull Chapel in Czermna
  • Movable Nativity Scene in Czermna
  • Folk Culture Museum of Sudeckie Foothill in  Pstrążna
  • Stołowe Mountains, including rocky reserves  "Szczeliniec Wielki" (Great Szczeliniec), "Błędne Skały" (Błedne Rocks)
  • Papermaking Museum in Duszniki Zdrój
  • Ethnographic Museum and Museum of Precious Stones in Polanica
  • Underground Tourist Route of Polish State Millenium and Fortress in Kłodzko
  • Museum of Ziemia Kłodzka (Kłodzki Region) in  Kłodzko
  • Bear Cave in Kletno
  • Holy Virgin Mary’s Basilica in Wambierzyce