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Body Treatments

We offer you the wide range of treatments thanks to which your body undergoes the great metamorphosis quickly and efficiently. We will make your skin more nourished and properly moisturized. Top-class preparations will help you obtain body firmness and will make it look beautiful and healthy.


Body treatment:

Body peeling      PLN 60

The treatment consists of body massage with exfoliating preparations containing abrasive particles. Peeling smoothens and cleanses the skin, improving its colour

Body peeling with a mask     PLN 100

Exfoliation of the stratum corneum with peeling, and nourishing body mask at the end of the treatment. We recommend to use the spa capsule, which increases the efficiency of cosmetics by up to 300% and not only.

spa capsule  PLN 70

PEELING+ BODY MASK +spa capsule = 150PLN





detoxification, reduction of fat tissue, demineralisation, body shaping.







Indoceane package is an unusual trip into the land of beauty and relaxation. This is an offer for people who are stressed, in need of relaxation and improvement of well-being, the treatment during which mind and body reach a state of complete rest and relaxation.

Stages of the package:

Stage I - the Mediterranean basin - 3-component body peeling with sea salt, brown sugar and citrus oils (lemon, mandarin and orange),

Stage II - Egypt - effervescent and sugar bath with sweet powdery scent

Stage III - India - massage using elements of Ayurvedic massage and techniques from other parts of the world,

Stage IV - China - cream mask based on rice germ oil for nourishment and radiance of the skin.



It's sensual, nourishing and relaxing package for the body. An exotic trip through the archipelago of Polynesia.

Preparations used during the Polynesia ritual contain care substances known for centuries, traditionally used on the Polynesian Islands. The ingredients contained in preparations intensely moisturise, nourish the skin beneficially affecting the entire organism and restoring well-being and balance of body and mind. Treatment with the scent of coconut and vanilla.

Stages of the package:

Stage I - Body peeling "Exotic island" - tasty peeling that will leave your skin

soft and smooth

Stage II - Bathing in the azure lagoon

Stage III - Relaxing massage of the whole body with stamps filled with coarse sand and addition of nutritional oil will take you into the magical world of Polynesian islands

Stage IV - brightening oil with golden particles enhances perfectly summer tan leaving the skin soft and moisturised