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Day SPA Packages

If you want to improve your physical and mental state and take care of your body, we invite you to take advantage of one of our treatment packages. This offer is directed both to women and men.



Harmony of Body & Mind

Close your eyes and let yourself be swept away in a dream of serenity on a Far Eastern journey. At each stopover, divine perfumes and colours blend with marine riches, allowing body and mind to relax in complete harmony.

. Precious Milk Bath - Egyptian Stopover, relaxation on the Nile
. Sweet and Savoury Body Scrub - Mediterranean Stopover, a prelude with citrus notes
. Indian Massage - Indian Stopover, tranquillity on the sacred Ganges
. Silky Smooth Body Wrap - Chinese Stopover, temple of beauty  

For whom? For anyone looking for serenity and harmony 


Results :

• Soothed mind
• Moment of serenity
• Relaxed body


Escape, Relaxation

For the space of a ritual, escape to the paradise islands of the Pacific and discover the inestimable riches of Polynesia from one stopover to the next: Exceptional wild atolls with idyllic landscapes, age-old rituals, protected marine fauna. You are filled with a feeling of relaxation and escape.

  • Lagoon Water Bath - Stopover in Manihi, the Lagoon island
  • Exotic Island Body Scrub - Stopover in Taha'a, the Vanilla island
  • Mahana Massage - Stopover in Bora Bora, the White Sand island

For whom? For all those who are stressed and in need of a break from the everyday


Results :

• Sensory getaway
• Pure relaxation
• Beautifully enhanced skin


Chocolate dream      PLN 200

The package includes:

  • Refreshing full body peeling with great exfoliating properties.                                         Contains Shea butter and grape oil. In a result, peeling is perfectly distributed on the whole body, and skin after the treatment remains moisturised for a long time. Employed fragrance compositions are very durable and intensive, giving the skin a pleasant and long-lasting aroma.
  • Anti-stress hydromassage bath with natural salt from Wieliczka mine, with a sensual chocolate aroma. Salt shows moisturising and nourishing properties. It also improves flexibility
  • RELAXING BODY MASSAGE based on chocolate-scented oil



ETERNAL GOLD body package      PLN 220

Stages of the treatment – the body:

  • Golden sugar peeling – perfumed peeling with crystals of sugar embedded in soy oil and Shea butter, which gently massages and exfoliates the stratum corneum.
  • Bath with hydromassage with Eternal Gold salt  luxurious combination of relaxation, healing properties of minerals and illumination. Relaxing bath strengthens and gives the skin a golden glow, improves skin condition and detoxifies the body.
  • Mask with goat milk and lychee – rich base with Shea butter provides dry and demanding skin with ingredients that are regenerating and supporting its natural defence processes.
  • Gold balm with Shea butter – nourishing balm with an exclusive fragrance, designed for dry, rough and irritated skin. 



DELICATESSEN – sensual body treatment       Discounted price is PLN 250 !!!

Exquisite and very healthy “meal” for the skin. The line uses the wealth of natural and exclusive food products (red wine, chocolate, coffee, citrus, cereals, yogurt, brews, etc.) to improve the efficiency of body and face care. Fragrances, textures and colours of products – just like in an elegant “gourmet” dinner menu – make the Delicatessen a truly unique offer.

STRAWBERRY AND PASSIONFRUIT DELICACIES  designed for skin with hydrolipidic imbalance caused by internal (genetic, disease, biological or physiological changes, stress) or external (atmospheric conditions, heating, air conditioning, sunbathing ...) factors.


CITRUS COCKTAIL WITH RED WINE  recommendations: detoxification, cleansing, regeneration and healthy nourishment of body skin with ingredients typical for our diet: grapes, pineapples, grapefruits, lemons, oranges.

Treatment stages:

  • SPA capsule treatment
  • peeling
  • concentrate for body
  • body mask
  • body cream