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Face Treatments

Enjoy a free consultation with the beautician, who offers treatments and home care appropriate to the type and condition of the skin.



The ultimate "illuminating" treatment, it boosts radiance and reveals the beauty of dull, tired complexions. The secret of its effectiveness: its professional mask and concentrate combined with energising acupressure.

For whom? Dull and tired skin


Results : More luminous skin & Refreshed skin



Deep Wrinkles & Loss of Density

Born of the alchemy of precious marine active ingredients and exceptional manual techniques, the Ultimate Time Solution Ritual offers the ultimate in anti-ageing effectiveness and an incredibly sensory experience. Two THALGO exclusives – the Energilift massage, a genuine manual facelift, and the Ultimate Time Solution Mask, bio-cellulose impregnated with highly regenerating active ingredients – resculpt the facial contours, reshape the features and correct wrinkles.



Pronounced Wrinkles

An anti-wrinkle solution concentrated in high-absorption Hyaluronic Acid, this treatment fills in and corrects pronounced wrinkles thanks to its exclusive massage and professional double mask. Skin looks younger and smoother in one session. The complexion glows with youth.

For whom? For women aged around 30-40 with pronounced wrinkles.



  • Expression lines less pronounced: 100% *
  • Younger skin: 100% *
  • Denser skin: 83% *



First Wrinkles

To fight the first signs of ageing, this unique professional treatment imbues skin with Native Marine Collagen, whose incomparably bioavailable original molecules plump up wrinkles and fine lines. Skin is intensely hydrated and ultra-smooth and its complexion radiant.

For whom? For women aged around 25-30 with fine lines and/or expression lines.


Results :

  • More even skin texture: 100% *
  • Smoother skin: 89% *
  • More luminous skin: 89% *

* Self-assessment of the effectiveness of a treatment by nine volunteers (25-54 years old); results validated by a jury of 16 beauticians.  



Selvert Thermal is an innovative line of products designed to care for and protect the skin from harmful factors. It is based on the THERMAL WATER and the Swiss formula, which in effect give a complete and effective line of clinically tested products


Lunch treatments – Complete & Fast       PLN 180

Hydrating moisturising, restoring skin elasticity and radiance. The treatment aims to restore the correct hydro-lipid barrier of the skin and protect against aggressive external factors.

Anti-aging combating the signs of aging, skin regeneration. Ideally prevents the action of free radicals, protects against the harmful effects of UV radiation and accelerates the regeneration of the skin.

Cleansing potent active ingredients removing impurities and flaws. Balances and normalises the function of the skin and deeply cleanses and oxygenates. The treatment aims to balance sebum and prevent oily skin.


Treatments based on snail protein extract       PLN 320

Regenerating anti-aging

Recurring acne

For blemishes and other imperfections

Regenerating for sensitive skin types


Vitamin C        PLN 300

The treatment illuminates the skin and gives it a radiant look. Vitamin C effectively fights blemishes and chloasma. Ideally neutralises free radicals and combats photo-aging. It stimulates cell renewal and regenerates and improves skin elasticity. It provides an immediate improvement of skin tone and radiance, being ideal banquet treatment

Aquawear      PLN 300

Universal programme with a system stimulating skin self-moisturisation. Its action is to retain moisture on the skin surface and to prevent evaporation and dehydration. It works on the surface and deeply in the skin.


VISAGE line treatments:

  1. Basic customised VISAGE line treatment      PLN 150
  2. Customised VISAGE line treatment with osmotic mask of stem cells      PLN 230

Selvert Thernal introduces four peel-off masks. They are designed for the spectacular improvement of the results after the first treatment. These are osmotic masks, which strongly improve the penetration of previously applied active ingredients, because they have excellent film-forming properties and the ability to retain water and improve the barrier of the stratum corneum. At the same time, they maintain and increase the level of skin hydration. Your face regains its natural beauty and radiance.

Osmotic peel-off masks act in synergy with various treatments performed in the Verde Montana Hotel****.

  1. Special dermatological treatment L'esprit dermatolgique       PLN 320

Treatment for Rosacea – normalises the natural hydro-lipid barrier and gives the skin more energy and resistance

Illuminating treatment – brightens the skin suffering from hyper-pigmentation caused by environmental factors

Normalising treatment – minimises the side effects of surgical interventions

Anti-aging treatment – slows down the aging process and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and slackness

Moisturising treatment for dry skin – strengthens natural protection and compensates for its shortcomings.

Treatment for dehydrated skin – helps protect and repair the skin damaged by climate changes and weather.

Moisturising treatment – nourishes and normalises the skin, making it easier to regain balance and harmony.


Cell Vitale

The revolutionary line using stem cells, particularly rich in nutritional vitamins. Protects and prolongs the life of skin stem cells, increases their vitality and slows down the aging process. By stimulating skin cell renewal, it restores its youthful appearance and natural glow.


Cellular anti-aging programme for the eyes area – PLN 230

Anti-aging regenerating treatment – PLN 400

For mature skin – by stimulating skin cell renewal, it restores its youthful appearance and natural glow. It improves the face shape, oxygenation of cells and restores the proper skin metabolism. Combats free radicals, regenerates and brightens. It absorbs impurities, regulates the fat and mats. Supports collagen production, rejuvenates and firms.

Cellular moisturising treatment – PLN 400

For dehydrated skin. It is based on stem cells from Alpenrose and the best thermal waters in the world: soothing water from the Pyrenees, antioxidant water from the Alps and oxygenic water from Anatolia. It prevents water loss and oxidation of the stem cells. The treatment protects the skin, eliminates hyperaemia, fights dryness, regenerates the tissue, prevents premature aging and provides vitality and radiance

!!!home care cosmetics -5% for customers using the treatments of the same series !!!




Dermatological system – PLN 250

Treatments are designed to answer all the needs of the skin. As Maria Galland said: “normal skin does not exist ... it is a landscape, a mosaic of needs...”. It offers every customer the skin care with immediate, visible and guaranteed results.

All Maria Galland Paris products meet the following criteria:

  • They are hypoallergenic
  • They do not cause irritation or pores clogging
  • The amount of preservatives is reduced to the necessary minimum
  • They provide a feeling of comfort with simultaneous care properties
  • They are very efficient and pleasant in the use

Our offer includes:

The treatment combating blemishes and uneven skin tone, illuminating.

The treatment for irritated, reddened skin with a tendency to vasodilation.