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Kudowa and Surroundings

The heart of Kudowa is Park Zdrojowy (Spa Park) located at the foot of Góra Parkowa (the Parkowa Mountain). It was established in 17th century on the pattern of English parks. The town is located at 390 - 400 m above the sea level. Like all health resorts in the Land of Kłodzko (Ziemia Kłodzka) it offers submontane climate, which itself in general is stimulating within the range from mild to average. Features of Kudowa’s climate exert a very favourable influence on a number of bodily processes: blood circulation, breathing and digestion, muscular and nervous systems’ ability. Treatment is based on mineral waters within the framework of drinking and bath therapies. These are hydrogen-carbonate-sodium-calcium, arsenic and ferruginous acidic waters with small radon content. There are 9 sources of mineral waters.


Therapeutic profile of the health resort: Cardiology: coronary atherosclerosis, hypertensive disease, angioneurosis. Anaemia: various types of anaemia.


Pulmonology: chronic and allergic diseases of respiratory tract. Endocrinology: hyperthyroidism in the initial period, postoperative rehabilitation. Obesity: obesity with accompanying  disorders. Motor organ.


Kudowa was first mentioned in 1477, when there was a village of Lipolitów here. In 17th century in the famous "Glatzio-Graphia" renown Aelurius, the oldest researcher of the past of the Land of Kłodzko wrote on Kudowa’s waters (Chudoba), that they were used for therapeutic purposes and better than wine for their taste. In the middle of 19th century Kudowa was recognized as the first cardiological health resort in Germany. After 1945 thanks to its mineral water sources it became more and more important as health and holiday resort. In 1963 the spa was counted among international health resorts.